BURYAP produces sensor groups in accordance with world standards with its strong technical staff as well as its advanced technical facilities.

​Caliper sensor needs of various qualities are provided to all trucks, trucks, towing buses and heavy vehicles.

Caliper pad sensor manufacturing and wholesale. Our company manufactures sensor groups by using the most sensitive technological test systems without sacrificing quality.


Buryap AUTOMOTİVE, Working on the Principle of Customer Orientation in the Automotive Sector, Knows the Industry Well, Knows the Expectations of its Stakeholders and Defines New Expectations, Aims at the Highest Level of Satisfaction, Has Creative Manpower and Uses Technology Well In This Line, Reliable, Efficient and Profitable Service in the Fields of Value Chain. It is an Automotive Company Aiming to Present.



Buryap AUTOMOTİVE, within the scope of its strategy, considers the digital transformation as one of its priorities in order to increase the service quality and strengthen the business processes in the rapidly digitizing automotive sector globally.

Digital Transformation Studies Conducted in Coordination with the Goal of Transition to Agile and Analytical Organizational Structure, Data-Based Analytical Thinking under the umbrella of Buryap AUTOMOTİVE, Developing Digital Business Models that Quickly Perceive Changes and Adapt and Develop

It aims to reach a structure that implements.

With its Human Resources and Institutional Structure Adopting Innovation, Continuous Development and Change as a Principle in the Future Period; To be a pioneering service company that gives confidence to its environment…




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